Exhibit, Many Voices, One Decade: 1950s Louisa County

Learning more about Louisa County can help put the oral history interviews into context. It can be helpful to understand what the social, economic, and political landscape of Louisa County was like in the 1950s when listening to the interviews.
Cultural Narrative: 

In 2018, the Louisa County Historical Society began an oral history project with the goal of documenting a broad and accurate picture of life in Louisa County during the 1950s by recording the memories of the people who lived it. The oral histories illustrate both similarities and differences in personal experiences and show that there is no one singular experience of Louisa County during the 1950s. This exhibit highlights major themes that emerged from the first year of this multi-year research project. The audio companion correlates to the exhibit panels. Click through the slides of the presentation and click on the speaker symbols to hear Louisa County residents recall different aspects of life in the 1950s.

The oral history project was made possible through grant funding from the Charlottesville Area Community Foundation’s Enriching Communities Program. This exhibition was curated by Steven Jakobovic. We are deeply grateful to those who shared their memories with us and those who worked on the oral history interviews, research, and this exhibition.